The testimonial below, is a Kickfit participant and 21DSD private coaching client. 

So many reasons to do the 21DSD, but to do well at it and to get much more out of it than you hoped for? That’s where Jenny’s coaching takes it to the next level. Guiding our group through initial insecurities and all the unknowns. Creating supportive community that is essential to success and demonstrating step by step how to initiate all of the changes this detox brings on as you work to establish whole new routines – where to buy what, how to prep and organize, snack and meal ideas, motivational words and health education that establishes and strengthens a commitment to continue these healthy habits long term. All the while keeping the challenge of the detox fun!

Thank you Jenny for being such an amazing coach!!! I can’t believe this is me, no longer tempted by sweets and treats in my office break room and home cooking healthy meals for me and my daughter even with my crazy single working mom schedule! Thank you for welcoming Victoria into the sessions so that she could also benefit from all of your amazing gifts, and so that we could experienced this phenomenal transformation together in such a positive way. I am most grateful!!
Tanya B
Some of you know that for the last 19 days My family has been on a sugar detox program called the 21DSD. As we near the end (yay).... here’s what we’ve taken away from it:
1) this is NOT a diet, it’s more like a reset! Although the weight loss was inevitable. 7lbs for me, and Evan is basically back to his weight when we met 26 years ago (ugh men lose faster)
2) no more joint pain, or muscle aches
3) no migraines for Ev since we started
4) sleeping better
5) saved tons of money by cooking every night
6) not one craving for sugar, sweetener, bread or pasta or alcohol (not that we’re big drinkers). I do crave fruit and soy sauce though (you don’t get any soy or fruit other than one banana or one green apple a day). Absolutely NO sweetener of any kind including honey and agave during the detox. Very little grains (you’re allowed 1/2 cup cooked grains a day), which is nothing.
7) I look at every label now to see what crap is in it
8 ) no indigestion or stomach issues.... will probably leave gluten out from now on.... not 100 percent sure but prob.
Overall we feel great. We do miss fruit and sauces and are excited to re-introduce these back into our lifestyle within moderation! This detox was part of an elimination process to see what we actually don’t need in our bodies.
This is not Whole 30/Arbonne or Paleo. It’s quite a bit different and if you’re interested my sister Jennifer Peck Barrie is a certified fitness instructor and certified 21 DSD coach. The group checked in for a weekly webinar and she coached us through the whole 21 days.
This is not Whole 30/Arbonne or Paleo. It’s quite a bit different and if you’re interested my sister Jennifer Peck Barrie is a certified fitness instructor and certified 21 DSD coach. The group checked in for a weekly webinar and she coached us through the whole 21 days. We’re so happy we did it!! Ill be honest, it’s not easy, but I feel it’s worth it! Happy detoxing!
Audrey W

"So I started the 21DSD for a few reasons. The first was I just wanted to support my friend & see what it was all about. The second reason was for my spouse--he deals with an autoimmune disease & I needed him to realize how much controlling your diet really does make you feel better. I always thought I was a pretty healthy eater...until doing this. The first week I started feeling changes almost immediately. I had more energy, I didn't feel so down in mood or crabby. Day 4 was the only day I felt any type of withdrawal from the detox. I was a little tired, but nothing that I wasn't feeling prior to the detox. I went into this hoping to feel better, maybe learn a few new tricks for healthy eating...Never in a MILLION years did I think I was going to see or even feel the results I have. I am a night snacker and I love sweets! I maybe had a little craving the first week, but since, I don't even want the Oreos, or ice cream, or whatever may be left over in the snack drawer from my kiddo. Red peppers or a coconut wrap with manna & almond butter are my go to's & they taste so sweet! I always considered myself a good sleeper until this detox. I sleep like a baby now & wake up feeling well rested & ready for the day & I'm happy to take on whatever is going to happen. Men--cover your eyes for a second ;) I have PCOS & have always struggled being regular when it comes to my little visitor. I was exactly 30 days this month & I can't tell you when the last time that has ever happened. This is more than a detox. It's a lifestyle change that I plan to stick with. I am really disappointed that I wasn't able to measure myself because I know I have lost a huge amount of inches. I am in clothes that didn't fit & 1 pants size smaller. I have lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks without even exercising. I can't wait to see what this month brings once I hit the gym.  I am so very thankful for this journey & for Jenny & all her help & support she has given my family & myself. I can't wait to continue this journey & hopefully help to inspire people who want to make a lifestyle change.  It's not hard, you just need to go for it!  You are worth it!!!"- Stephanie D

"I am so glad I did this and worked with Jenny! I did lose 9 pounds but what really amazed me was that based on my Fitbit stats my resting heart rate dropped 6bpm Almost right away and my weekly sleep average went up by an hour even though I didn’t change my bedtime! I could tell a difference in pain and know I will continue to incorporate what I learned into my every day."-Ginny A

"I had two primary goals when I subscribed to Jenny's couching group for the 21-Day Detox Program: 1) to stabilize my blood sugars and subsequently reduce sugar/carb cravings, and 2) find a support group that could help me through the process.  The program itself was a success, but the key factor that made it a success was Jenny. 

She was a font of information, answered all our questions, provided meal and snack ideas that have worked in her own life, listed where to shop for substitute ingredients at the most competitive prices, and best of all, checked in regularly to support and keep everyone on track.  Her genuine enthusiasm rang through every time she called, or in our internal FB page, and each time we all met.  Having her support and keeping the group excited throughout the program was the quintessential differentiator in the program's success.  We all feel better, lost weight and now have a much better understanding of the detrimental effects of sugars and processed foods in our lives. If you are looking to reset your body to feel better and have a more positive and healthier outlook on food, Coach Jenny is definitely the best!!"-Alex W

"I would highly recommend the 21DSD to others.  I was nervous about how hard it might be, but it actually ended up being very manageable.  A big piece of that was Jenny’s excellent coaching.  She had a wealth of information to share and encourage the group, and she was always readily available to answer any questions.  You could do the 21DSD without a coach, but I really felt that having Jenny guide us through it made a huge difference.  Having her help us understand what products to buy and where to buy them, give us ideas for quick and easy meals and snacks, and having an encourager along the way really made the whole process much easier and enjoyable.  Plus, we had a group of others on the same journey that could share in the successes and challenges.  The most exciting end results for me, even more so than a few inches and pounds lost, were the stable energy I experienced and the more restful sleep.  As a busy homeschooling mother of 3 girls, this is worth a lot! Jenny – thank you, thank you, thank you!  You’re awesome!!"-Carolynn C

"As a ten year old, doing a detox was a definite challenge for me. But, through all the “pain and struggles” I have learned things as well. For instance, there was a situation when I ate pizza for dinner. I noticed how afterwards I was VERY tired. I also found some new healthier things that I like. Just because I can have bread doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating coconut wraps! I found it interesting that I was most tempted at school. Watching my friends eat not just candy, but “normal foods” such as chips, was incredibly tempting. I was surprised that being in the store surrounded by candy wasn’t too bad. I think I felt more tempted to eat things when I was surrounded by others eating it. Overall, I think this detox has been a good thing, and I hope to have a better diet as a result.this." -Clare C

"My intention when starting 21DSD was to retrain my brain to crave more whole foods, and to escape my constant sugar cravings. I accomplished this and so much more. My mental alertness has significantly increased; I don’t have the “foggy brain” that I normally would experience every afternoon.  My sleeping patterns have changed completely; I no longer wake throughout the night, and I actually feel rested when I wake up.  My overall mood has stabilized, and I no longer feel that low blood sugar feeling.  I’m actually satisfied and stay full after eating wholesome food, instead of feeling like I am constantly hungry.  The 21DSD has changed the way I look at food and how I fuel my body.  Many thanks to Jenny for her dedication and thoroughness. She was constantly checking in on me, answering my questions, offering tips and advice, and being a phenomenal cheerleader.  I am forever grateful!!!!" -Libby S

"As a type 1 diabetic this program was so beneficial and eye opening to me. Cutting out sugar has made me feel so much better and led me down a very different road than I ever anticipated. Jenny was a tremendous help and guided us through every step of the process. Couldn’t have asked for a better coach!"-Aven V


Kickfit Testimonials

"I’ve been coming to Jenny’s classes for the last few months and just love the difference it has made to my health and fitness. I feel fitter, more toned, and super motivated to come every week. The classes run three times per day, and you can drop in to a class whenever it suits - this has been great so that I can keep fit whilst juggling my children’s ever changing schedules. The classes run in small groups, and Jenny takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs and your level. The activities change on a regular basis, and each class is broken down into 4 sections, so the hour flies over. There’s a great group of women, and the class is friendly and fun - you definitely leave feeling that you have had a great workout. I’ve tried many different fitness classes, and this is the one that I will keep returning to!"-Jenny W
"Kick fit with jenny is an awesome workout, it's fun, challenging, and provides real results. Before starting kick fit 5 months ago, my main form of exercise was running 5. Despite being already pretty fit and active, I've noticed major improvement in my strength, muscle tone, coordination, and physique since taking Jenny's class. I'm someone who often feels intimidated in a new fitness class, however, jenny makes everyone feel welcome and tailors the exercises to accommodate each individual's strengths and weaknesses. The nature of the class is always fun and challenging and a great value!"-Michelle M

I absolutely love Kickfit with Jenny! It is the perfect combination of strength and circuit cardio in a fun but challenging atmosphere. The workouts change every week and keep my body challenged. As a physical therapist, I love how Jenny offers multiple levels of difficulty with the exercises, and makes sure you are using correct form. As a marathon runner, I am amazed at what a difference the class has made in my running. My legs and core are so much stronger at the end of my long runs. I have typically had a hard time putting strength training into my weekly routine, however, I have been going to Kickfit twice a week consistently for almost a year and can't imagine my week without it!"-Leslie M