Back to School Back in Shape Workshop

Back to School Back in Shape Workshop


Summer is coming to a close. And we all worry about falling into old routines. So instead, what about stepping it up with an approach to nutrition and fitness that lasts all four seasons? Better food choices, increased movement, and a happier healthier you.

Jenny Barrie is a certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach who teaches people how to get off processed food and sugar in a step by step way so you can make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a diet. In this workshop, she will give you the tips to get sugar and processed food out of your diet, provide you with healthier alternatives, and beat the lunchbox blues with simple, efficient and healthy meal planning tips.

Back in School Back in Shape Workshop will start off with a total body 20 minute HIIT workout! Jenny Barrie’s workout will provide you with tips to incorporate a great total body effective workout without any gym equipment. You will learn the tools to implement these strategies in your fitness routine.

Get ready for a great sweat session and a workshop full of tips and strategies that you can implement right away so you can start feeling your best on the inside and out!

Back in School Back In Shape WorkshopDate: Coming Soon

Augus 9am-10amLocation: AK Martial Arts and Fitness- 6120 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, Ca 92009

Bring: Water, workout towel, paper and pen to take notes

Cost: $35

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