About ME (Jenny Barrie)

I live in San Diego California with my husband, son, and golden retriever. I am certified group fitness instructor and certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach. I also taught elementary school for ten years. I absolutely have a passion for teaching and inspiring. I love helping people find solutions to many of the things that cause overwhelm in our daily lives like making healthy choices and habits despite being busy. When I am not working, I enjoy spending my time with family and friends being active outdoors. I am definitely a Southern California girl who loves the sunshine and the beach!

I know when life gets busy some of the healthy habits we intend to implement get put aside.  I started Fit Healthy Happy U because I was going through my own overwhelm due to being diagnosed with PCOS and gut infections . I had to completely change my diet and lifestyle in order to improve my health, heal, and feel my best. I became so passionate about the positive changes I made, that I wanted to help, teach, and inspire others to implement those positive changes too!  

 My goal is to guide my clients to easily create a lifestyle for themselves which results in achieving optimal health and happiness.